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Welcome to Mastrcode Music

Here You will find several freeware products for making music made by Mastrcode Music.

About Mastrcode Music:

Mastrcode Music was founded in 2008 by Michael Berendes.

Michael creates his own music since he was 15. It began in 1993, when he got his first little "computer". It was an Amiga. He found a little software named "Pro Tracker". With this little tool he made his first steps in music creation. Then, later, when the first high end PC's were running through the world, he got his first more professional equipment. Now, at this time, making music is nor a hobby. He's primarily creating Trance music, but also sometimes House and Drum & Bass/Jungle. He also likes to experiment in combining different genres to a new style. In 2008 he founded the Project called Mastrcode, later changed to Mastrcode Music. Since 2011 he creates his own music production software in form of VST and VSTi Instruments and Effects Plugins for Windows systems.

Now available:

T-Force Trance Combinators for Propellerhead Reason

The first Combinator Patches are now ready for free download.
Just click
HERE  to go directly to the Combinators Page.