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DB-Force The Amen

The Amen is the legendary "Amen Break", packed in a powerful VST Plugin. No more wasting Your time with slicing and re-arranging Your Amen Break wave file. Just play Your MIDI, turn some knobs and make beats. The Amen Break is already sliced up into it's single drum hits. Each single slice can be triggered by it's own MIDI note.  It can be rearranged with no limits, so that You can produce the "Amen"- beat of your choice. It has two types of amp envelopes, one main envelope, which has effect to all slices, and each single slice additionally has it's own envelope for more individual tweakings. It has a multimode filter, an ADSR filter envelope, two LFO's and an effects section with phaser, bitcrusher, distortion and a reverb. The slices can be played forward and reverse by Velocity strength.


  • Synthesis: Sample-based.
  • Each sinle slice ca be triggered by it's own MIDI note (C1 - A4).
  • 1 Resonance Four Pole State Variable Filter, switchable between Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass and switchable 12/24 dB slope, Resonance can be driven up to self oscillation.
  • 1 ADSR Filter Envelope.
  • 1 AD Amp Envelope.
  • AD Envelope for each single slice.
  • 2 host syncable LFOs.
  • Effects section wit Phaser, Bitcrusher, Distortion and Reverb.
  • Each single slice can be played forward (Velocity set from 0 to 100) and reverse (Velocity set from 101 to 127).
  • Each single slice can be played once or looped (can be set separately for forward and reverse)
  • editable forward start/end positions, editable reverse start/end positions for each single slice
  • all functions fully automatable.
  • MIDI Learn function for each knob/button

Note:  if you get error messages about missing .sem files when loading the plugin the first time in your DAW: when you load the plugin the first time, it normally creates a new folder in the dll's directory with the same name of the plugin. In this folder the dll normally will unpack these missing .sem files, which are packed in the dll, but need to be unpacked in the new created folder. It seems that your Windows blocks this process. You have to configurate your VST plugins folder's security options to give the plugin the right permissions which are needed, so that the dll can unpack all needed files.

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 bit or 64 bit), any CPU that supports SSE (Intel Pentium III and above, AMD XP and above, Multicore CPU  recommended), 128 MB RAM
ca. 15 MB Diskspace, 32 bit VST Host Software. (Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton Live or similar)

Important for  Ableton Live users: if You have problems with automations (not available) You need a configuration file in Your Ableton "Preferences" folder. Just click HERE to download this configuration file. Unzip it into "C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live\Preferences".With this configuration it should work. Note: You need to configurate Your Folder options in Windows control panel to see all hidden folders.

This Plugin is just 32 bit (64 bit version is under progress), but may work under some 64 bit VST Host Software that supports also 32 bit plugins

Install instructions:
just unpack the .zip file to Your VST Plugins folder.

New update (version 1.2, added 08 Jan. 2015) available. New in this update: Fixed the issue with some not working slices below D3

New update (version 1.21, added 08 Jan. 2015) available. New in this update: Optimized pitch bend automation for FL Studio.

Note for FL Studio users:

1.) For automation in FL Studio You have to turn a controller with the mouse, then go to FL's "Tools" menu and choose "Last tweaked > Create automation clip".

Note: the pitch bend ribbon of the plugin is assigned to external MIDI pitch bend message by default. So it works with the pitch wheel of your external MIDI keyboard. If you want to automate the pitch bend in FL, then right click the plugin's pitch bend ribbon and choose "UnLearn" from the menu. Then tweak the ribbon with your mouse and go to FL's "Tools" option and choose "Last tweaked > Create automation clip".

2.)If you want assign a control to a control of your external MIDI controller, don't use Amen's internal MIDI-Learn, because this doesn't work in FL. You have to turn  a control with your mouse, then go to FL's "Tools" option and choose "Last tweaked > Link to controller", then move the control of your external MIDI controller. If you've set the plugin's pitch bend ribbon to "UnLearn" like described in point 1.), you also now can re-assign it in FL's "Tools" menu.

Latest version: V1.21


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